Cat Facts

Did you know that CATS have saved MILLIONS of people’s LIVES and JOBS? Cats have saved tons of food too. . . . food intended to feed millions of people.

Cats help stop the plaque by controlling the mice population.

Bubonic plague and haunta virus is spread through fleas and feces of rodents. (In the dark ages, one third the population – over 27 million people – died in Europe because of bubonic plaque. People had hunted down cats almost to point of extinction…. There weren’t enough cats left to kill the over-population of rats which spread disease.)

Cats save food by killing mice that eat or contaminate food (causing food poisoning.) And cats have saved jobs when they save food inventory for companies who employment depend on producing safe food products.

In a careful study of feral cats, only 4% of cat diet consisted of birds.
90% birds ESCAPE cat attacks vs. 20% mice.
The cats ears are tuned into exact frequency of mice.
It’s been proven that the better fed cats make the better mousers.

Declawing is the number one cause of litter box problems in cats, for more information see