About Annie Bruce

I am a proud American, born and raise in Detroit, Michigan. The youngest of six children, I graduated from Cass Technical High school and worked as a computer operator for 20 years. My mother owned black cats. As did her mother and her mother. I have owned and loved black cats for over five decades. Contrary to popular believe, black cats bring GOOD luck. Black cats are the smartest and most loyal.

I’ve fostered dozens of sick and abused cats. After noticing cat owners were suffering unnecessary hardship and expense I wrote and published Cat Be Good: A Commonsense Approach to Training Your Cat (2000, Good Cats Wear Black.) Cat Be Good won three book awards and has also been translated and published in Poland. In 2005, Adams Media published the 3rd edition. I am a past member of the Cat Writers’ Association and for five years was a regular guest on Animal Radio.

Since 1994, I have worked to end declawing of domestic cats.

Cats are very smart and easier to train than dogs. Put your squirt bottles away. Cats listen and learn without clickers, squirt bottles or declawing. Go to www.CatBeGood.com to learn just how easy it is to have GOOD cats.

Annie’s Dance History

I was 40 years old when I decided to write a book about cats—but I was too terrified of public speaking to write even one sentence. Ten therapy sessions failed to get me over that fear and decided to take hip-hop dance classes. Within a few months I began writing my book, Cat Be Good. From age 44-50, I performed on stage with dozens of wonderful dancers of Motion Underground Dance Company. We performed at many places such as the Boulder Theatre, Boulder High School and Boulder Creek Festival. Currently, I take dance lessons at StreetSide Dance Studio. Hip-hop dance is the best and you will meet the most wonderful people in the world! Come join us!

Love, faith and hope,
Annie Bruce, April 2011

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